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Selling your business can be a bit nerve-wrecking… No matter how experienced you may be.

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How It Works

ExitOS is the entrepreneurial business owners’ ‘in the trenches with you’ advisory group that helps “Exit curious” sellers navigate their M&A journey and obtain the maximum exit value for their business.


ExitOS’s partners have been “at the deal table” for over 100+ M&A deals, ranging in value from $2 million to $1 billion on both the buyer and seller-side. There are few things we have not seen, and we understand what buyers look for.

​We assist in guiding and advising Sellers on how to negotiate and position their Company to optimize their outcome (highest purchase price possible).


ExitOS has a robust & growing track record of delivering transformative value to sellers (measured in the millions, not thousands). In an often competitive, confusing, and messy marketplace, we provide simplicity and candor to make your business the ‘belle of the ball.’


Because of the high-touch value of our service offering (and our time), we only take on 6 businesses at any one time to provide a bespoke, focused service that is tailored to our clients’ specific business context.

We specialize in the following Seller's criteria:

  • ​​$500K+ EBITDA / SDE
  • ​Been in business for at least 3+ years
  • Based in the US
  • Business/B2B Services
  • Residential/Home Services
  • B2B/Wholesale Distribution
  • Construction (General/Specialty)
  • Retail/Brick & Mortar

  • Manufacturing

What Services Does ExitOS Provide?


Fractional Board Advisory

  • Quarterly Board Run check-ins to get yourself in a position to exit for a future maximal enterprise value (highest purchase price).
  • Run through the “4 Exits Playbook” for How To Sell Your Business (A-Z).
  • How to make sure you’re making strategic decisions as you scale your company to push towards the highest valuation and not jeopardizing your future purchase price.


Biweekly Seller's Advisory

Everything in "Standard", plus Biweekly Calls To Uncover:

  • Exit Strategy Planning
  • Identification of EBITDA
  • Valuation Calculator Services
  • “Exit the Operations of your Business”
  • Roadmap


VIP Seller's Done For You Service


Everything in "Premium", as well as Biweekly Calls To Uncover:

  • Recasted / Adjusted Financials:
    Organizing and telling the story of your company in numbers to best communicate its (highest) intrinsic value
  • ​​Utilizing re-casted financials, we will determine the financial value of your business as well as a matrix of premiums a strategic or synergistic acquirer is likely​ to pay.
  • Financial Clean-up & Thorough Review - How to actually know what your weekly / monthly P&L and cash flow looks like and not always having to guess. Involves automating financial tracking, regular reconciliation, detailed reporting, budgeting and forecasting, engaging with professionals, holding regular financial meetings, and educating yourself on financial concepts.


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About Raleigh

Raleigh is an Exit Maximalist. He finds his treasure helping other entrepreneurs maximize the value of their treasure through their own Exit.

After graduating from UChicago Law, Raleigh practiced M&A at the highest level for just 9 months before leaving to start an escape room business that he later sold for $26 million.

​It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was incredibly hard: literal blood, sweat, and tears were shed along the way. So many lessons were learned in the process. Other lessons have only sharpened in hindsight after connecting and reflecting on the journey with some of the best entrepreneurs and investors in the world--building on their stories of turning fledgling companies into billions of dollars.

Along with his partners, ExitOS is Raleigh’s entrepreneurial manifesto and custom advisory service (what we call a ‘Fractional Advisory Board’) to help entrepreneurs who are “Exit Curious.”

If you are thinking about exiting your business--or simply want to learn the playbook for how to maximize the value of your business for when you one day might be ready to sell (or even hold on to it forever)--ExitOS is for you.

About Raleigh

I've started multiple businesses, but one, in particular, made a significant impact. Williams Entertainment, a simple escape room business that grew to 7 locations in three states.

After just six years we sold it for $26 million. I made more on the day of the sale than I did in all of the prior 6 years running the business COMBINED.

However, like most entrepreneurs, just two years prior to selling, I felt stuck and that I didn’t know what I wanted out of the business, or if I even wanted to keep going.

In fact, a few years before exiting, I had my business valued and despite making over $1 million per year, the valuation came back at exactly $0. I was devastated. But it gave me the fuel I needed to figure out how to build a business that buyers would fight over.

Before I started the business, I was a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, helping the biggest businesses sell for billions. So, to improve my chances of success, I talked to every client that had ever sold their company for a ton of money.

As I talked to them, a pattern emerged, and I created a systematic approach that allowed me to know the EXACT thing I needed to solve in my business to increase my EXIT value.

And it changed everything.

Over the years, I refined this approach, investing millions in businesses that adopted the Exit Operating System (ExitOS). This service is exactly what I wish I had when I was running my business and has now helped many other businesses to transition from zero value to achieving eight and nine-figure exits.

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